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image by Ed Fairburn

[marginalia] The Importance of Coming Undone : : Joyce Chen

If there is one thing more difficult than getting an idea off the ground, it is, perhaps, keeping that idea afloat, and fresh, and shuffling in a generally forward-moving direction. Though to be fair, phrases like “more or less” and “better or worse” may not be quite the right ones to apply to the expansive gradient of creation mentioned here — but it is at very least a start.

Back in the spring of 2015, three New School classmates and I founded The Seventh Wave, a 501(c)(3) arts and literary nonprofit bent on creating online and offline spaces for conversation and opposition to flourish. We were all from different industries of expertise and experience spanning education, graphic design, journalism, and the service industry. How we structured the organization, we agreed, would need to allow for each of our personalities and backgrounds to not just exist, but to also breathe organically. We wanted our strengths to show through in each of our roles within the beast we were creating.

In the creation of our publication, then, everything from aesthetics to social media voice to communication with our contributors became an offshoot of who we were as individuals, and we hoped the transparency with which we operated would help keep our own work intentional and honest too. We insisted on handwritten thank-you notes and a writer/artist-centric presentation of the works we promoted. We allowed for the contents of each issue to dictate the format of our launch event. We engaged. By making these small gestures, we assumed that we were doing things differently enough from the rest of the literary world that we were making a bold, new statement. Continue reading