Kyle Minor has the writing prompt to end all writing prompts over at HTMLGiant, a list of criteria and questions called The Story Generatorwhich is activated with the roll of some dice.

This is a fantastic thing that I’m stealing and using in my classes and maybe even for myself for that thing called “fun with writing.” It would even be fun to have students make their own story generators, changing some of the parameters themselves.
My favorite elements in The Story Generator include:
from Setting:

4 Science-Fiction Obsession But Everything Is Earthbound 5 Horses

and the Ending options:


1-5 Epiphany 6 Ends abruptly If Epiphany: 1 Joycean epiphany 2 Oprahic epiphany 3 Retelling of the Christ story 4 There is Nothing Good in the World 5 People die but humanity carries on 6 He left behind a stack of letters declaring his misunderstood love

I wonder, if you had to make a story generator that summarized the sorts of stories and moves that you made in your own writing, what sort of options would it include? And what sorts of moves/options do you wish it could include? How do you want to grow?

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