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Issue 6 Is Here

A truly phenomenal (if we do say so ourselves) Issue 6 is here, featuring short stories by Dylan Nice and Chris Boucher, along with some pretty amazing artwork by Michael TarbiBuy it now to peruse the drafts, stories, and interviews or come find us at the bookfair at AWP.

You can also check out samples from Issue 6 on our website and sign up for our newsletter to receive bonus material when we launch new issues and stay up to date on draft news.

draft issue 2 reviewed at

The good people over at New Pages just posted a review of our second issue. Choicest quotable from said review reads as follows:

…draft invites you to think of a creative work as the product of a process. Many writers are stymied by the challenge of doing everything “right” the first time. This journal does a great public service, reminding us all that it’s okay to “make mistakes,” so long as you’re putting words on the page.

Thanks, New Pages (and reviewer Kenneth Nichols) for all the good work you do in the lit community! We appreciate you.