Call for Submissions

The lovely Jill Talbot is currently accepting murdered darlings for a forthcoming project. As she writes on her site, she’s specifically looking for “those paragraphs that have been excised from published or forthcoming works (specifically essays, stories, memoirs, or novels) for a book-length project addressing fragmentation and omission via editing in writing.”

The deadline is February 1, so send your most beloved passages to her ASAP. And be sure to check out the complete submission guidelines over at Jill’s site.

Here’s an example of an bloodied baby from one of draft editor Rachel Yoder’s stories, forthcoming in The Missouri Review:

The house was bathed in a green light filtered in through the plants’ leaves.  It smelled of unidentifiable soaps and the stuff in small brown vials and onion and dirt and mossy pot smoke.  Eliot picked up a plate from the draining board on the counter. It was off-white and flowered with glinting flecks of silver.  Who eats off of plates like this, he wondered, his wondering working in a spinning sort of way, twining and untwining around itself until each thing seemed like either magic or terrible, heirloom fate.


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