Books With Letters Missing

The posts below are puerile odes to the fragility of language. Steal one letter, just one little letter from a thing, and that thing becomes a different thing. And hopefully it becomes a funnier or weirder or sexier thing. All the titles below were written by two friends on the wrapper of a spinach and cheese croissant from Au Bon Pain. They are the offspring of spinach, cheese, and coffee. The descriptions that accompany the titles were written by one friend, and are the offspring of bourbon and Doritos.

The DaVinci Cod

The Da Vinci Cod
In which Dan Brown discovers the secret history behind one our greatest minds, (and one of our greatest fish).

The Secret Gent
Conrad’s thrilling tale of subterfuge and dissimulation. By day he’s a dockside tramp. By night he’s a dandy in high society! A landmark satire of social class in Victorian London and, according to many, Conrad’s greatest work since Heat of Darkness, the story of one riverboat captain’s odyssey of sexual discovery in the Congo.

The Clan of The Cave Ear
A Neanderthal is born but there’s something different about her, something special. What’s the secret behind her cavernous ears? The book that started it all and immediately announced Jean Auel’s arrival as the preeminent voice in stone age deformity fiction.

The Road To Wigan Pie
In a welcome change of pace from his political novels, Orwell patiently guides us down that road from farm to market to kitchen to, eventually, a very tasty pie. Amusing anecdotes abound in this charming tome. Heat up an old cookbook, add a few tablespoons of memoir plus a pinch of local history, and you’ll have a very delicious little book.

With more to come next week…

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