Books With Letters Missing

The posts below are puerile odes to the fragility of language. Steal one letter, just one little letter from a thing, and that thing becomes a different thing. And hopefully it becomes a funnier or weirder or sexier thing. All the titles below were written by two friends on the wrapper of a spinach and cheese croissant from Au Bon Pain. They are the offspring of spinach, cheese, and coffee. The descriptions that accompany the titles were written by one friend, and are the offspring of bourbon and Doritos.


The Sound and The Fur
Faulkner’s field guide for identifying southern mammals using a variety of senses.

The Goo Soldier
While he’s better known for his sober and understated writings, Ford Maddox Ford, (aka Ford Ford) was also a very imaginative writer. After his collaboration with Joseph Conrad on a story about aliens, Ford went on to write another odd tale, which is now thought to be the sine qua non of any gelatinous horror collection. Experts agree: we’d have no avid throngs flocking to theaters to watch movies like The Blob if it weren’t for Ford’s petrifying tale of this shambling soldier made of muck, sludge and grime.

The Ambler
Dostoyevsky’s tragic novella charts the heartbreaking descent into poverty and misery as young Vassily Porforich Turgevivich struggles with his addiction to casually strolling around.

Letters to A Young Pot
Late in his career, Rilke wanted to simplify the way he approached his craft. “If an inanimate object doesn’t understand what I’m doing with my art,” he said, “then surely I’ve failed.” Thus was born the most singular correspondence in the history of belles lettres.

Meditations on Fist Philosophy
Descartes, the most feared of all philosophers, altered the course of Western thought with one simple phrase: I punch therefore I am.

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